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Jarrod's Corner

Concerns about termites?  Call today at 937-478-5776 for a free inspection. Here we are performing a chemical treatment. We also offer termite bait systems. 


--Posted by Jarrod Kelley on
Apr 28, 2019 05:53:39 pm.

Mosquito season is quickly approaching.  We offer ongoing service for season long protection, as well as one time service for special events like weddings, graduation parties, etc.  Call us today at 937-478-5776 to find out more!

Image result for mosquito stock

--Posted by Jarrod Kelley on
Mar 20, 2019 04:17:09 pm.

Are ants invading your home?  Let us help!  Call 937-478-5776 for a free no obligation quote over the phone!


Image result for ant stock photos

--Posted by Jarrod Kelley on
Mar 15, 2019 11:06:40 am.

Termites are veracious feeders that cause over $5 billion dollars in annual damage to your most important investment (your home!).

Termite season is upon us.  If you suspect a problem or are considering preventative termite treatment, call us today at 937-478-5776 for a free termite insoection!

--Posted by Jarrod Kelley on
Mar 13, 2019 04:21:03 pm.

Bed bug heat treatment.

--Posted by Jarrod Kelley on
Feb 27, 2019 01:31:23 pm.

Rodent season is upon us. If you suspect mice have invaded your home, give us a call today!  We work hard to keep your home pest free!

--Posted by Jarrod Kelley on
Jan 10, 2019 12:21:45 pm.

The Dayton area just ranked #34 in the nation for bed bugs. If you need help, call today for a free estimate. Here is a picture from a heat treatment today in Huber Heights.

--Posted by Jarrod Kelley on
Nov 02, 2018 11:12:28 am.

Here are some impressive mud tubes found at a home in Englewood. We treated this home with a combo chemical/bait treatment.

--Posted by Jarrod Kelley on
Oct 03, 2018 09:12:44 pm.

Check out today’s latest post from a termite treatment in Springfield!

--Posted by Jarrod Kelley on
Sep 20, 2018 08:58:53 pm.

We service the entire Miami Valley for all your pest control needs. Today, we were in Springfield helping a customer with bed bugs.

--Posted by Jarrod Kelley on
Sep 05, 2018 10:07:21 am.

Check out this video from a bed bug heat treatment done near downtown Dayton today.

--Posted by Jarrod Kelley on
Aug 29, 2018 11:08:23 am.

I’m often asked by my customers if our vehicles will have a big bug on the side of it when we arrive for a service call. This question always comes up when we are called for a bed bug problem. Take a look at the following link ...

--Posted by Jarrod Kelley on
Aug 24, 2018 03:24:44 pm.

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